Dayle Brown

Weaver Maid

Phaethon's Path

The Great Blue Shark


Dayle Brown began her artistic training as a small girl watching her father, Paul L. Brown, of Michigan City, Indiana, in his lifelong career as a commercial artist.

After a 33-year teaching and 20-year planetarium careers, Dayle studied watercolor with Elizabeth James, Jim Borden, Stephen Blackburn, and Tom Tooley. Her illustrations have received awards in juried exhibits in the Michiana area.

Her illustration “Ice Maidens” was featured on the cover of the Planetarian, Journal of the International Planetarium Society. She was commissioned by the Hayden Planetarium of Boston, MA, to do 19 paintings for their “Sky Heroes” planetarium production.

Dayle works primarily in watercolor and ink. She is writing and illustrating a series of books titled Skylore from Planet Earth: stories from around the world. Three books, ORION, PLEIADES, and MILKY WAY (with grant assistance from the Indiana Arts Commission) are published and available online.

Dayle is currently working on the fourth book, VENUS. In addition to serving as past Exhibit Chair and current Historian for the NIA, she is a member of the St. Joe Watercolor Society, serving as the liaison with the South Bend Museum of Art.

Dayle lives with her husband, David Piser, in South Bend, Indiana.