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Sweeten Up Your Art Career
The Artist Sampler Workshop
May 18-19, 2012
South Bend Museum of Art, Century Center

Sessions and Instructors

Laurie Balla
"The One-Hour Masterpiece" Demo

Laurie has always loved to see what she could accomplish in a short amount of time.  She has learned from many of the greats and has compiled and compressed her knowledge into a very efficient way of
painting.  Her paintings are collected internationally and she always has a long list of commissions waiting for her.  She believes that art is necessary for happiness and she tries to create as much as possible so that others can enjoy it.  For the first time ever, she is revealing her techniques so that artists who don’t feel that they have time to paint will realize that not only do they have the time, but
that they can complete a painting in an hour.

Laurie is known by many as the "Marketing Queen". She has spent the past 16 years honing her skills in marketing her artwork and has spent the past few years helping galleries and individual artists do the same.

Karen Barnett
"How to Make It in the Print Market"

Entering the print market has never been easier . . . but to be successful you need to do it the right way! Join us as Karen Barnett, President and CEO of Valley Screen Process, talks about how to enter this very profitable market. You will come away from this class with inspiration, ideas, and the knowledge to decide if this is a way to market and sell your art.

Steve Blackburn
"Pour It On!"

Paint along with the instructor as he shows you how to use his unique pouring style to bring out the best in your paintings. It's time to loosen up and pour paint to create a bold, colorful painting! Steve will supply watercolor board to paint on, along with liquid acrylic colors that you can use. Or bring your own watercolors and paper as everyone will leave the class with a painting of their own. You will learn about shapes, color and how to use the entire "rectangle" in your painting.

For the past several years Mr. Blackburn has taught his unique style of watercolor in classes and workshops all over the country and in Canada. He was featured in the American Artist publication "Watercolor - Summer 1997". His image "Forgotten Treasure" was included in the book "Best of Watercolor - Painting Composition" by Rockport Publishers, and one of his paintings is featured in the book "Best of Watercolor 3". Mr. Blackburn won the grand prize for his piece "Sunbathe" during the international floral competition sponsored by International Artist magazine in 2001, and his work was featured in the October/November 2002 issue of their magazine. He was also featured in the July 2005 issue of "the Artist" magazine from England.

Andrea Cook
"A Social Media Journey to Fame"

Effective Marketing through Social Media Facebook . . . Twitter . . . YouTube . . . these are the tools of "Social Media" – don't even think about leaving these out of your marketing arsenal! Andrea is an expert in advertising, public relations and branding. She will show us the best ways to use these new tools to get the word out.

Created with a purpose to promote goodness in the marketplace, Andrea Cook is dedicated to build value for clients and organizations. From building brands to launching campaigns, Ms. Cook offers full services to help clients reach their full potential within their timelines and budgets.

She launched a creative communications agency in Chicago in 1999 called The Midas Center. Relocating to her home state of Indiana in 2009, she restarted The Midas Center in downtown Plymouth. Transforming touchpoints into gold, she enjoys developing strategies that build the buzz, generate traction and razzle dazzle.

With a portfolio of clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 corporations, Ms. Cook is eager to make an impact. Services she joyfully offers include
- workshop training and coaching for social media,
- managing social media programs,
- creating identity programs,
- developing branding solutions,
- designing advertising and promotion campaigns and
- launching web sites and communities.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Ms. Cook is proud of her latest business offering, iHEART Green Media. iHEART Green Media is an eco-friendly solution with a mission to improve the quality of life and develop economic growth in today's digital era. With green products like www.iHEARTplymouth.com, www.iHEARTculver.com and www.TreatsBridalSuite.com, iHEART Green Media creates customized social media channels to promote community- and business growth.

Business owner, founder of the Women Advisory Group (WAG) and Toastmaster, Ms. Cook is also an advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorders. When she's not trying to change the world, she enjoys taking time with God cycling in the country and giggling with her beloved husband and two highly spirited daughters.

For more information, you can Google, “tweet,” “skype,” “link up” to connect and contact Ms. Cook 24/7 in today's digital era. Whatever you do, be fabulous.

Sara Curtis
"Skyrocket Your Career with Speaking and Writing!"

How Relationship Building can build your business. The key to efficient marketing is marketing to the right customer. Sara will teach you how to define your perfect customer, build a message specifically for them, and how to build a relationship that produces customers and partners. By spending your energy with a few key customers and building those relationships, you can become an effective marketer for yourself and your art.

Sara Curtis is a full time communication consultant and a part time instructor at IU South Bend. Sara  worked in customer service and sales before and during college. With that experience and the education she earned, she now merges them together to create specialized training tols for individuals and corporate communication strategies. Sara has lived in Seattle WA, Salinas CA, Memphis TN, and now lives in South Bend IN. She earned her bachelors degree in Public Relation from IU South Bend and her Masters degree in Communication Studies at the University of Memphis.

Lynn Diamente
"Fearless Watercolor"


In this workshop, Lynn will teach her unique approach to creating a watercolor. She will share her ideas of a pre-tint, compositional considerations, value path, negative painting, and counterchange to help improve your journey in watercolor. Emphasis is placed on texture, granulating paints, throwing paint and responding to surface developments. Overriding goal of this workshop is to help you achieve freedom of expression, develop an alternative method of working with watercolor and have fun!

Susan Gillespie
"How to Use Digital Art in Your Work"

Have you ever wondered how artists are using digital art in their work? This technology has transformed the art world . . . and has become a powerful and versatile tool for creating art. Susan is manager of McDonald Studio, a local photography business. She will introduce ideas and methods using digital art that will help you take your art to the next level!

Rick Horn
"Grow Your Business with M.A.P."


Local business expert Rick Horn – the "Growth Coach" - will help you grow your business! You will leave this class with a very clear understanding of the fundamentals of the complete Sales & Marketing Process, with a number of idea starters to use in your business. This will include positioning, message development, effective sales process, and a marketing communications plan.

Elizabeth James
"Collage for Everyone"

National and international award winning artist Elizabeth James will offer a collage technique workshop for anyone interested in the easiest of all art mediums.  The world of collage (pronounced ko-lah-j) is the most friendly and non-intimidating art form for the beginner as well as interesting for the
advanced artist.  It doesn't need drawing or technical skills.  Collage is defined  as "an artistic collection of materials and objects pasted over a surface paper."  Elizabeth will guide you through the fun of working with collections of ordinary objects such as newspapers, photos, fibers, fabric and most importantly the revitalization of those old discarded paintings.  Bring glue, surface papers, and any of the above listed objects along with your imagination to this enjoyable, award winning 21st century art form.

Sheryl Kosovski
"Make Your Artistic Dreams Come True"


Would you like to make a profit doing what you love? Then join us to learn the skills you need to generate income, using your passion to get you there. Sheryl Kosovski, owner of "Artful Work", is an expert in creative business development. This class will help you clarify your business dream, define your goals, get organized, and begin on the path to making money with your passions!

Cathy McCormick
"Lively Landscapes in Pastel"

Expressive landscapes will be the subject of this demonstration by Cathy McCormick, founder of the Northern Indiana Pastel Society and teacher at the South Bend Museum of Art. Soft pastels will be the medium. With a few tips on using value, pastel wash and luminous colors, you’ll be able to put new spirit into your own landscapes.


Cathy McCormick grew up in Wisconsin, and received a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she studied art. She lived in Colorado and Arizona before moving to Indiana in December 2000. She has worked in oils, watercolors, mixed media and photography, but pastels have been her favorite medium since 1986. Her work has been featured in many shows, and she has lectured and given classes in pastel painting.

Ellen Ridenour
"Fun with Monotypes"

This will be a very fun class for all levels of experience. The term monotype describes an image that can only be printed once in its original state, unlike other forms of printmaking. This technique is also the most painterly of the printmaking processes. Typically, the artist will use ink to paint an image onto a smooth surface such as Plexiglas, a metal plate or cardboard coated with varnish. S/he will then lay a dampened piece of paper on top of the plate and run both through a press to create a unique, one of a kind print. The collograph plate is made up of various objects that are glued or laid onto top of painting on the Plexiglas. The plate is then inked and run through a press like any other intaglio plate.
Combine them together you have a one of a kind piece of art.